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Easton Press - Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain - Sealed - 100 Greatest Books Easton Press "The Iliad of Home" Leather Bound Collector's Edition (Sealed) Easton Press, Herbert Parmet "The Presidency of John F. Kennedy", "The Struggles of John F. Kennedy" Complete Matching 2-Vol. Set [Very Fine]
Easton Press Leather Bound Book Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell Easton Press, Edith Hamilton "Mythology", "The Greek Way", "The Roman Way" Leather Bound Matching Set, 3 Vols.  [Sealed] Easton Press, James Boswell "The Life Of Samuel Johnson" Leather Bound Collector's Edition, Limited Edition, 4 Vols.
Easton Press, Howard Carter, A.C. Mace "The Tomb of Tutankhamen"  Leather Bound Collector's Edition,  3-Vol. Matched Set Signed William Buckley Nautical Classics Easton Press Easton Press "William Faulkner Classics" Leather Bound Complete Matched 11 Vol. Set [Very Fine]
Easton Press, Greek Classics "The Complete Works of Aristotle and Plato" 9 Volume Matching Set Easton Press - William Shakespeare - The Complete 39 Volume Collection - Very Fine Geo M. Smith 1873 - Jules Verne TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEAS  First Edition/Second Printing [Near Fine]
Easton Press The Harvard Classics, Complete 50 Volume Set