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Own An Original Piece of Work By The Artist

A remarque is a personal message or image added by the artist to the art print. A remarque increases the value of a limited edition print due to this unique feature.

A remarque is a small, original pencil drawing or sketch usually appearing in the lower margin of the print. The remarque adds a special value to your print because it is a one-of-a-kind original.

About. A remarque is a small, personalized drawing or symbol that an artist adds (near his or her signature) on a print. The presence of a remarque increases the print's value.

Originally, remarques were remarks made, in pencil, that identified the various stages a printing plate went through while in the process of being finalized. Whistler seems to have pioneered making remarques desirable to collectors, particularly in the case of his "butterfly" mark. Nowadays, a remarque is primarily a "value-added" option for print collectors - meaning: You can have an artist's remarque added to your graphic edition.

A remarque is an original pencil drawing by the artist executed by hand in the lower left border of your print. This detailed finished drawing, which always ties in with the subject matter of your print, is personally and individually drawn for you by Paul McGehee. Remarquing is only done on a select few prints of each edition, thus making them highly collectible. usually designated to be the prints with the lowest numbers. Besides enhancing the appearance and collectibility of your print, it gives you the unique opportunity to own an original piece of work by the artist.

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Stephen King, "Full Dark, No Stars" Limited First Edition, Remarqued & Signed by Jill Bauman [Fine/Fine w/ Very Fine Slipcase]