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The red leather books were only available to people that signed up to the Stephen King Library many years ago. They were published by the Book of the Month Club and bound in faux leather with Stephen King's signature in gold on the front board. Now they have become collector editions and are sought after by many King fans.
 All books are in Fine condition unless otherwise indicated in the description.

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Are you interested in forming an instant Stephen King red leather library?
Multiple volumes are available for purchase with a significant discount.

  • Please email us at info@veryfinebooks.com for more information.
  • In the "Subject" of your email, write "red leather library".
  • In the email, please provide a list of the books you want and your location.
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Stephen King "The Red Leather Library" Collection, Complete Matching Set 37 Volumes

There are 37 titles from the Stephen King Red Leather Library Books:

  1. Secret Windows
  2. On Writing
  3. The Dark Half
  4. From a Buick 8
  5. Dreamcatcher
  6. Salem's Lot
  7. Misery
  8. Four Past Midnight
  9. Firestarter
  10. Dolores Claiborne
  11. It
  12. Insomnia
  13. Bag of Bones
  14. Gerald's Game
  15. Desperation
  16. Different Seasons
  17. Needful Things
  18. The Shining
  19. The Eyes of the Dragon
  20. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
  21. Hearts in Atlantis
  22. Christine
  23. Cujo
  24. Thinner
  25. Storm of the Century
  26. The Stand
  27. Everything's Eventual
  28. The Dead Zone
  29. Nightmares & Dreamscapes
  30. Black House
  31. Tommyknockers
  32. Pet Sematary
  33. Skeleton Crew
  34. Rose Madder
  35. Night Shift
  36. Carrie
  37. The Stand (Complete & Uncut)

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