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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES" Leather Bound Collector's Edition Easton Press "White Teeth" Zadie Smith, Signed Limited Edition w/COA [Sealed] Easton Press, Anne Rice "The Vampire Chronicles" Signed Limited Edition, 5 Vol. Complete Matched Set [Sealed]
Easton Press Angelou Celebrations Signed Limited George Orwell "Nineteen Eighty-Four" Leather Bound Collector's Edition [Very Fine] Easton Press Maya Angelou Complete Collected Poems
Easton Press, Anne Rice "Interview With The Vampire" Signed Limited Edition w/COA, Very Fine [Sealed] Charles Frazier "Cold Mountain" Signed Limited Edition #400 of only 500, Slipcased [Very Fine/Very Fine] Easton Press "The Voice of the City and Other Stories" O. Henry, Limited Collector's Edition [Very Fine]
Easton Press "Trinity" Leon Uris, Signed Limited Edition (Very Fine) Collector's Notes w/COA Easton Press Robert Russo Empire Falls Signed Limited Edition Easton Press, Peter Matthiessen "At Play In the Fields of the Lord" Signed Limited Edition w/COA
Easton Press, Michael Chabon "The Yiddish Policemen's Union " Signed First Edition w/COA (Very Fine) Stephen King "11/22/63" Signed First Edition - First Printing , Fine condition Easton Press "The Tempest" William Shakespeare Limited Edition Leather Bound Deluxe Slipcased of only 400 [Sealed].
Easton Press "The Last Centurion" John Ringo, Signed First Edition #847 of only 900, Luxurious Leather Bound [Very Fine] Easton Press "The Sunborn" Gregory Benford, Signed First Edition, #111 of 900, Leather Bound [Very Fine] Easton Press "Counting Up, Counting Down" Harry Turtledove, Signed First Edition, Leather Bound [Very Fine]
J.N. Williamson "Illustrated Masques" Signed Lettered Edition, Stephen King, Clive Barker Easton Press "Pygmalion And Candida" George Bernard Shaw, Leather Bound Limited Edition (Very Fine) Easton Press "The Notorious Jumping Frog and Other Stories" by Mark Twain, Collector's Edition (Very Fine)
Dan Brown "Inferno" Signed First Edition Hardcover/dust-jacket [Fine/Fine] Easton Press "Alpha" Catherine Asaro, Signed First Limited Edition of 900, Leather Bound [Very Fine] Easton Press "Pudd'nhead Wilson" Mark Twain, Limited Edition Leather Bound [Very Fine]
Easton Press "Chesapeake" 2 Volume set, James A. Michener, Limited Collector's Editon [Very Fine] Stephen King "Secretary of Dreams" Vol. 2, Signed Lettered Edition of only 52 copies in Deluxe Traycase [Very Fine] J.R.R. Tolkien "The Two Towers" Leather Bound Collector's Edition Sealed
Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" Leather Bound Collector's Edition (1967 First Easton Press Printing) Borderlands Press, Peter Straub "The Little Blue Book Of Rose Stories" Signed First Edition Borderlands Press, John DeChancie "A Little Gray Book Of Alien Stories" Signed First Edition
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