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Easton Press, Richard Nixon "The Richard Nixon Library" Signed Limited Edition, 6 Volume Complete Matched Set  (Fine) Easton Press "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Douglas Adams, Leather Bound Collector's Edition
Easton Press, Kurt Vonnegut "Cat's Cradle" Signed Limited Deluxe Edition of only 500 "Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Edition" edited by Kirby McCauley" Signed Limited Deluxe #13 of 300 (As New) Stephen King The Stand Signed First Edition
Baroness Orczy "Scarlet Pimpernel Classics" Leather Bound Collector's Edition, Six Volume Complete Matched Set Transgressions Signed First Edition Stephen King Robert J. Sawyer "Illegal Alien" Signed First Edition, Leather Bound Collector's Edition w/COA
Anna Sewell "Black Beauty" Leather Bound Collector's Edition Easton Press, Kurt Vonnegut "While Mortals Sleep" Signed First Edition (Sealed)
Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" Leather Bound Collector's Edition (1967 First Easton Press Printing)
Easton Press  "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" Edward Albee, Signed Limited Edition - Sealed
Stephen King "Insomnia" Signed Limited Edition, Mark V. Zeising Books, No. 1136 of 1,250
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES" Leather Bound Collector's Edition Easton Press "The Complete Works of Hemingway" Leather Bound Collector's Set, 20 Vols [Very Fine] Stephen King "Carrie" Deluxe Limited Gift Edition, Slipcased [Sealed]
The Dead Zone Stephen King Easton Press Leather Bound Signed by Kurt Vonnegut "Player Piano" Easton Press Leather Bound Easton Press, Anne Frank "The Diary of A Young Girl: The Definitive Edition" Leather Bound Limited Edition [Very Fine]
Simon & Schuster "The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture" Jimmy Carter, Signed First Edition HC/dj [Very Fine] Easton Press, Arnold Palmer "A Golfer's Life" Signed Limited Edition
Stephen King "Secretary of Dreams" Vol. 2, Signed Lettered Edition of only 52 copies in Deluxe Traycase [Very Fine] Stephen King "Joyland" Signed Limited First Edition #451 of only 724 Stephen King "The Wind Through The Keyhole" Signed First Edition Slipcased
Stephen King Cujo First Edition , First Printing Easton Press, Peter F. Hamilton "Judas Unchained" Signed First Edition w/COA (Very Fine)
Easton Press, NASA: The Complete Illustrated History", Signed Limited Edition, Signed by Buzz Aldrin Easton Press, Winston S. Churchill  "World Crisis" Limited Leather bound Collector's Edition, Complete Matching Set, 6 Vols (Very Fine)
TOR Legends Signed Limited Edition of only 200 Stephen King "Doctor Sleep" Signed First Edition, First Printing, dj/HC (Very Fine/Very Fine) Stephen King "The Shining" Signed Limited Edition - Leather Bound Collector's Edition
Easton Press "Plato: Complete Works" Leather Bound Limited Edition, Complete 4 Volume Matching Set Easton Press "THE PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR" 10 Vol. Complete Matching Set [Very Fine] George W. Bush "41: A Portrait of My Father" Signed First Edition,  Deluxe Slipcased Collector's Edition [Sealed]
J.N. Williamson "Illustrated Masques" Signed Lettered Edition, Stephen King, Clive Barker Stephen King "The Dark Tower 3 The Waste Lands " Signed Limited Edition Slipcased #879 of 1,250 Signed by Vonnegut Galapagos Leather Bound Easton Press
Stephen King "Dolan's Cadillac" Signed Deluxe First Edition, No. 933 of 1,000 - Lord John Press Signed by Arthur Miller "Death of a Salesman" Easton Press Signed Limited Edition Easton Press, Herbert P. Bix  "Hirohito:And The Making of Modern Japan" Leather Bound Limited Collector's Edition [Sealed]
Scribner "REVIVAL" Stephen King, Signed First Edition, First Printing, dj/HC [Very Fine/Very Fine] George W. Bush "Bush 41" Signed First Edition, First Printing [Very Fine/Very Fine]
Easton Press, Agatha Christie "Hercule Poirot Classics" Leather Bound 6 Vol. Complete Matched Set [Very Fine] Easton Press Leather Bound Book Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell Stephen King "Riding The Bullet" Signed Limited Edition #13 of 500 w/Tray Case(As New)
Tom Clancy Hunt for Red October First Edition First Printing Cemetery Dance "The Dark Man" Stephen King, Signed Limited Edition, dj/HC in Traycase [Very Fine] Stephen King "Bag of Bones" Signed First Edition, First Printing dj/HC [Fine/Fine]
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